Oska Pulse offers drug free pain relief

A wave of tech devices are providing pain relief without pills and drugs, including the Oska Pulse, a device made right here in South Dakota.

CLEAR LAKE, S.D. — People in pain are trying alternative devices to find relief, including this PEMF machine — the Oska Pulse. It was invented about 3 1/2 years ago and after clinical trials, it’s now in 22 countries and healthcare systems. It’s based on the technology called pulsed electromagnetic field.

Oska Pulse

Oska Pulse

Greg Houlgate, Founder Oska Wellness, says, “60 Years ago, the technology came forward and is used primarily for bone growth stimulation. Our device though is actually a pain relief device, so all the studies including ours have proven that after a couple weeks to a month of using it, you have reduction in inflammation and pain. And our particular device, it’s small and portable and wearable so what it does is it frequencies a nerve bone and soft tissue thought allows the body to naturally heal and recover itself.”

To be effective, the device should be worn 3 hours a day – it doesn’t even have to be on you, within a foot. If you use more, you should reap more benefits. Users shouldn’t feel anything when worn and could take a couple of weeks to a month to feel a reduction in pain.

“So the cells have electrical fields — they are positive and negative. When they’re disrupted those fields actually create inflammation and so you don’t have circulation and you start to get edema or swelling in an area. With this device, what it will do is it will increase that circulation and allow those cells to reset themselves and that, in fact, pushes out all the inflammation from the area which allows the tissue to recover,” Houlgate says.

Oska Pulse band

Oska Pulse band

The Oska runs on a cell phone battery and is rechargeable. It’s helping to get people off of pain medications like narcotics an opioids.

Houlgate says, “It’s important that people know that they have alternatives they don’t have to be married to their drugs and that their doctors have options.”

Oska Pulse is reimbursable through Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts and available both over-the-counter and from doctors at Sanford Health in South Dakota . The device is made at South Dakota Partners Inc. in Clear Lake South Dakota.

The product has a 30 day money back guarantee. There are warnings for people with pace makers, cancer patients and pregnant women.

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