Organizations, legislators brace for Amendment C vote

Multiple organizations, including the top three healthcare providers in the state, have recently come out against the amendment.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — South Dakota residents are set to hit the voting booths in less than two weeks for the Primary Election.

But perhaps the biggest thing to vote for on the ballot is Amendment C.

First off, what is Amendment C?

It’s a Constitutional Amendment put on this year’s Primary Election Ballot by state legislators in 2021.

Amendment C would require a three-fifths majority for any future ballot measures that raise taxes or force the state to spend $10 million over a five year period. Several legislators tell NewsCenter1 that raising the threshold aligns with their process of raising taxes, and that it protects South Dakotans better than what’s currently in place.

“It takes a higher mark for any of the person’s fees and taxes to be raised and so is that taken away from the people? I think it actually is an advantage to the people,” said District 30 Representative Tim Goodwin. “That (means) 60% would have to vote on the ballot in order for that to happen.”

Opposing the measure, are several organizations, including all three major healthcare providers in South Dakota and the state’s chamber of commerce.

Amendment C 4

David Owen, the President of the South Dakota Chamber issued a statement urging South Dakota voters to vote it down.

In a release from the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce, Owen was quoted in saying “Urging voters to reject Amendment C is the final way to address an error made by the legislature.”

The groups in opposition are also questioning its place on the primary ballot.

“They should be decided in November because that’s when you’re going to have the most voters weighing in on the on the decision and primary ballots,” said Matthew Schweich, the Campaign Director for South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws. “They are for parties to pick political candidates.”

The primary election is Tuesday, June 7.

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