Operation Fall Clean Up clears streets of felony fugitives

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Multiple law enforcement agencies worked together to crack down on violent crime with the Operation Fall Clean Up.

The week-long operation is a part of Project Safe Neighborhoods, and brings together local, state, federal and tribal law enforcement.

Representatives from the agencies announced together on Friday that they arrested 67 felony fugitives, all with warrants for violent crimes, drug trafficking and sex offenses.

“We have banded together as a group to arrest and lock up these violent individuals,” said U.S. Marshal Dan Mosteller. “These are criminals. These are people who continue to commit crimes on our communities, our families and our children.”

They also announced that over 650 guns have been taken off the streets of Rapid City since January of last year. This, they say, has led to a dramatic decline in shootings. Gun-related prosecutions have also gone up by 50 per cent in the region.

Mosteller noted that this fall’s Clean Up will not be a one-time deal, and that the agencies plan on cooperating on more clean up operations in the future.

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