OneHeart survey showing positive response to services, team members on the campus


The Main Building For The Oneheart CampusRAPID CITY, S.D.– Not even two years since its opening, the OneHeart campus is celebrating the results of an anonymous survey carried out by officials earlier this fall. Executive Director Charity Doyle shared her thoughts on what guests had to say.

What the survey was for

According to OneHeart officials, the survey requested feedback from the organization’s Life Safety and Residential Support Team. The Life Safety and Residential Support team consists of eight people responsible for providing 24/7 support and security for residents on-campus. Doyle says the survey is something they have been working on and will continue.

It took us some time to make sure that the data quality was where we wanted it to be,” she explained. “So, September first was when we first launched– everything is well defined, well-shaped, well-formed. So that that framework is really solid. And now from here out for this long term evaluation phase of could be a year or longer. We are not changing anything. And so this was the first survey in that context, within that framework. And the first time measuring all of those things.”

What the survey found

The survey, done in September, showed strong positive reactions to the services offered to residents at OneHeart. At least six categories of the survey showing mainly positive responses from more than half of people questioned.

The OneHeart campus and Survey results

What people had to say

“They’re amazing and kind. They take time to help when needed.”

“Your staff cared and showed compassion and professionalism in areas of my life when other people wrote me off …”

And when asked about how the team can continue their work in the suggestions section of the survey, one person said “Just continue to help me help myself.”

What it means moving forward

For Charity Doyle, the program’s signs of success are a testament to the work being done to improve the community and help anyone fleeing from crises. And the facilities on campus give residents relief to focus on major milestones such as paying off debts, developing work skills, and even things that seem a little more mundane such as opening bank accounts or getting a driver’s license.

“This gives them that that breathing room so that their mental bandwidth can go towards– forward, the future, upward mobility. It is kind of shattering the stereotype of maybe what they thought homeless people were like. And we are just really proud of that because these people deserve that chance in life.”


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