1 +1 Giveaway winner: Jennifer Mueller

A local high school teacher is using her funds to purchase and refurbish the seating in her classroom, which will in turn optimize the students learning abilities.

Every other week, Newscenter1 and First Interstate Bank team up to award a deserving area educator a $500 grant to help them improve and innovate in the classroom.

Mrs. Mueller's classroom

Mrs. Mueller’s classroom

Mrs. Mueller was excited to receive $500 to go toward refurbishing and purchasing new furniture for her classroom.

Jennifer Mueller, Central High School English Teacher, says, “Yeah, it helps me do the things in the classroom that are out there as far as initiatives and best practices and so this takes away that burden on myself as an individual but also the school and the school district.”

Alternative Seating in Mrs. Mueller's classroom

Alternative Seating in Mrs. Mueller’s classroom

She implemented alternate seating into her classroom as a way to become 100% deskless. She saw the need for a change to optimize learning. Flexible seating helps students feels more comfortable and productive at school.

Kelsey York, Financial Services Rep First Interstate Bank, says, “It’s interesting how her students can feel a bit more relaxed in their seating options and I think she plans on using the funds for that and her students seem super excited about it.”

Jennifer Mueller and Kelsey York with One Plus One Check

Jennifer Mueller (Central High School) and Kelsey York (First Interstate Bank) with One Plus One Check

This is the second time Mrs. Mueller has won the one plus one grant money, the first time she bought kindles for her classroom.

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