On the horizon: What could be next for Rapid City as officials anticipate a record year for building permits in 2023

Worker At New Monument Building

Construction worker carries supplies at Monument’s Health new Rehab and Critical Care Hospital on Promise Road. (Mackenzie Dahlberg, NewsCenter1)

RAPID CITY, S.D. – With 2022’s building permit report released, city officials shared that Rapid City reached the second highest building permit valuation totals in its history.

“Growth is happening every day. You drive around the town and you see yet one more project that’s occurring. And that project can have an impact on the traffic flows that you’re accustomed to using in the city, services you now have to go across town to,” Vicki Fisher, community development director for the City of Rapid City said. “The building permit report is important to the extent that this is your community and it is growing. We do these reports so that you can see where it’s growing, how it’s growing, and how it may best serve you — for you and your family.”

But officials looking ahead at 2023 are anticipating that they can reach their goal of $400 million in valuation totals.

On the horizon:

The need for new buildings continued in 2022 as people continue to come to Rapid City, and it’s expected to stay the same in 2023. There has already been permits issued in 2023, with officials saying that big projects tend to get permits at the beginning of the year.

“Just last week, we issued a new hotel which is going out in the Buffalo Crossing area, and that’s 90 rooms. So, a lot of our big, big ones usually come in the spring time for the year,” Jasmine Berg, building permit technician for the City of Rapid City, said.

While it isn’t set in stone yet on what buildings will apply for building permits this year, city officials have an idea of what it could look like.

“There has been a housing study that has been completed for our area that shows the growth patterns for this region,” Fisher said. “Based on that, we anticipate that not only will we see additional residential development, both in rentals and owner occupancy, but those services that are needed to accommodate that increase in population.

“And that’s what we are seeing is there’s more convenience stores that are on the horizon and hotels. And we see schools expanding and we see stores that want to come in to capture those that want to eat out or buy school supplies, etc. So, as the city grows and we are certainly growing with no indication that it is slowing down, we will continue to see the building permit numbers increase. And never forget the cost of construction is only going up. So, we do anticipate that this year will be a record setting year.”

Photos of 2022 building permit projects:

Permit process:

For anyone needing or wanting to apply for a building permit, over-the-counter is the best in order to meet face-to-face at the Community Development Department at City Hall.

Someone who wants to apply would also benefit from knowing extra information about their plan:

  • As a homeowner, know if you’ll do your own plumbing and electrical work or if you’ll have a licensed subcontractor do it for you.
  • For large commercial plans, just having three sets of simple sketches helps.

“We’ve really streamlined out process the last couple of years to make it as easy for the customer,” Berg said. “Our turnaround time — we go as fast as we can. So, once a permit is issued and paid for, you can call in building inspections. You call in a final inspection. If it’s a new residential home or new commercial building, you would be issued a certificate of occupancy. Then, your project is complete. And we like to take comments from the public to streamline it even further because we’re only helping each other — work out the kinks.”

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