On Schedule: June kicks off stormy Summer pattern for the Black Hills

Chances for showers and thunderstorms will hang around in the forecast through this week, with some of them expected to be strong to severe at times.

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  • First things first, lets knock out today’s forecast which features warm and muggy conditions, with temperatures reaching the 80s and 90s across the area.

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  • Most of the 90s will be found South and East of the Black Hills, but I could see a few pop up in isolated pockets in NE Wyoming as well.

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  • We will have a marginal (1/5) risk for strong storms late this afternoon and evening across the Black Hills.
  • A few isolated pockets of quarter sized hail and gusty winds are possible, but nobody should be cancelling any plans over this.
  • Chances are most of this activity will be in the evening hours if anything.

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  • Tuesday will be a little cooler and a little more on the breezy side.
  • Thunderstorms will once again be in the forecast, but most of those should hold off until the evening hours.

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  • Wednesday will feature a much better chance for strong thunderstorms, and its something we’re keeping out eye on as we move forward through the week.
  • Temperatures will hang around the 70s and the 80s for most of the week.

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  • Saturday is also a day that could see a few stronger storms, but seeing as it’s over 6 days out we’ll temper our expectations for now.
  • Be safe out there, Welcome to June! – Brant
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