On & off Snow & Cold to start the week

convective snow showers are expected to cross the Black Hills and surrounding areas over the next 3 days, with some light accumulations possible with some of those showers

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  • Temperatures will start chilly in the single digits and teens, and then struggle to hit 30 by the afternoon
  • Breezy conditions out of the northwest will not make things feel much better, so make sure to bundle up for today if you need to head out!

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  • A few “convective” snow showers are expected this afternoon, meaning they’ll be isolated but pesky if you find yourself in one.

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  • We’ll sit just below wind advisory criteria in Northwest South Dakota, with Northwesterly winds gusting up to 40-45 MPH in the afternoon.

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  • Winds will still be pesky this evening, but will simmer down along with snow shower activity… leaving just a few isolated spots.

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  • Temperatures overnight into Tuesday will be mostly in the teens, with a few single digits possible as well.

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  • Tuesday morning is expected to be dry and sunny to start, with snow convective snow showers once again peppering the region by the afternoon.
  • Most of this activity is expected to stay in northeastern Wyoming and the Black Hills… but a few could wander out into the plains.
  • Temperatures should start hitting the 30s in some areas, with some areas still struggling to get out of the 20s

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  • Winds, again, will be on the breezy side Tuesday but not quite as pesky as Monday. Things will eventually be switching Westerly by the overnight hours.

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  • Snow shower activity doesn’t necessarily go away Tuesday night, as energy is expected to boost our snow chances going into Wednesday morning.

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  • Over a three day period, we could see some light accumulations develop in the Black Hills, but its going to be tough to see any impacts outside of that cluster.
  • Grassy surfaces could collect and inch or two in some of the more aggressive snow showers between now and Wednesday, but spread about between three days it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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  • We’ll be looking at better conditions for this weekend, with hints of warmer and drier weather for this weekend and going into next week (finally).
  • Hope everyone stayed warm this weekend, and continue to do so this week! Warmer weather, surely, is somewhere on the horizon.

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