Omaha Street, Cambell Street intersection work to begin Aug. 15

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Work is set to begin Monday, Aug. 15 at the intersection of Omaha Street and Cambell Street on a project re-shaping the intersection and surrounding area.

The new project will have an ultimate goal of widening the sidewalk in the area between Covington and LaCrosse Street to 10 feet, which will provide an ADA-complaint path for residents and give the LaCrosse Street intersection up-to-date with underground utilities, new pavement, and traffic signals. There will also be a feature for pedestrian signal controls.

For the Omaha and Cambell-specific portion, The South Dakota Department of Transportation will be adding an additional right turn lane, removing median islands, making sidewalk and storm sewer improvements, and constructing a shared-use path.

“At Cambell and Omaha Street we are taking out the free right turns, making a more conventional intersection,” Rapid City Area Engineer for SD DOT Mike Carlson said. “The free rights have caused a lot of accidents over the past few years. especially with as much traffic has been out there. we have to reduce those accidents. and the way to reduce those accidents is to take out those free rights.”

Throughout the duration of the project, there will be closures in the eastbound and westbound lanes on Omaha Street and in the northbound lanes on Cambell Street. The Cambell and Omaha portion will finish just before Thanksgiving of this year, and the overall project wrapping in early August of 2023.

For the time being, Carlson recommends approaching the area with caution if going through.

“Take your time, leave early. If you can, avoid it. Go take a roundabout someplace else if you don’t have to have business on that street. Because we will be there for a significant period of time. Two or three months.”

According to Carlson, DOT is one of, if not the only work in the state with employees working in areas where there is constant road activity and asks the public be aware of there surrounding to ensure the safety of everyone.


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