Old gear presents new opportunities at Black Hills Ski for Light Ski Swap

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Rapid City is a community renowned for its compassionate streak. We help our family; we help our friends; we help those in need.

People helped others and themselves through some sweet deals on winter sports gear during the Annual Black Hills Regional Ski for Light Ski Swap at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center on Saturday.

Loonloafers consigned used and still usable equipment to Ski for Light. Everything from skis and snowboards to goggles and gloves were consigned to the organization.

Snowboarder Erin Bender said the swap provided a rare opportunity for selling one’s old gear.

“It’s definitely nice to have a place to bring your stuff and sell it, because it’s pretty hard to find a market to sell anything,” Bender said. “It’s nice that you can just bring it here, leave it and then come back later and see if it sold.”

Many others enjoyed searching the ski swap for the perfect piece of equipment at a fraction of the price.

Skier Noel Utecht described his haul. “A pair of skis and some boots, and some poles for my dad, because he wanted a pair, and then I bought a pair of boots for myself because my other ones didn’t really fit … they were a good deal. I got everything for $85.”

By selling their gear there, they helped themselves to 70 percent of the sale, with the rest going toward Ski for Light’s. The money raised will be used to purchase adaptive ski equipment for children with mobile and visual impairments.

Ray Bubb, Black Hills Ski for Light board member, said the swap provides a chance for kids to take part in a normally inaccessible sport.

“Instead of sitting at a lodge and looking out the window and at everyone else having fun, there’s an opportunity for these kids to go out and have fun,” Bubb said. “It’s wonderful to be based out of the Black Hills and have this group of citizens around us to help our organization out.”

With so many slope runners in one place, it had to be asked: which is better – skiing or snowboarding?

The Sattizahn family was split. “Snowboarding 100 percent” said Jonah, followed by, “Skiing!” from Chase, “Snowboarding!” said Emily, while parent Greg replied with, “Skiing.” Parent Kirsten Jasper finished the argument. “I like both.”

However, if there was one common thought, it was that everyone was excited to help themselves and others hit the slopes.

“Skiing is one of the greatest things to do for fun out there, and so it’s really cool that other people will be able to experience that too,” finished Noel Utecht.

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