Oglala Sioux Tribal Council votes to remove vice president

PINE RIDGE, S.D. — The Oglala Sioux Tribal council voted Monday afternoon to impeach and remove from office Vice President Darla Black on grounds of malfeasance.

A full 21 person council was present and voted 16 in favor of impeachment, two voted against, and three members abstained from voting.

Following hours of testimony from three complainants, council deliberated in a closed door session with Judge Paula Langworthy and the tribal attorney.

As her successor, council members voted to seat the candidate who received the second highest number of votes in the general election. Tom Poor Bear, who previously held the office of vice president before losing his seat in the 2016 election to Black, now moves in as OST vice president.

Black served as vice president since 2016. After multiple complaints were filed earlier this month, the tribal council voted to suspend Black without pay until the hearing was held.

Complainants cited multiple forms of harassment and unfair treatment to employees surrounding Black.

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