Oglala Sioux Tribal Council passes border patrol ordinance

PINE RIDGE, S.D. — The Oglala Sioux Tribal council passed a border patrol ordinance that’s now in effect.

The “Coordinated Border Monitoring Plan” states that the Pine Ridge Reservation is closed to all non-residents, for non-essential travel.

Federal aid provided by the stimulus package is being used to pay for the border patrol. Dozens of people with the Canksa-Yuha Security firm, along with volunteers, will be patrolling entries to the reservation.

“This one of the things, something we talked about early on, but it was just the logistics and the funding that we weren’t able to make a plan for,” said Karin Eagle, the Media Specialist for the Oglala Sioux Tribe. “It’s impossible to completely lock down and we really don’t want to do that.”

Anyone arriving at a checkpoint will be asked basic questions about themselves and their visit. Guests will also be provided with materials on how to protect themselves from the virus.

The OST tribal council passed six ordinances in all this week, which is a record.

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