Officials say Attorney General Ravnsborg “distracted” at time of fatal crash

PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota officials say the state’s top attorney was distracted when his vehicle struck and killed Joseph Boever on September 12.

In an update Monday morning, Secretary of Public Safety Craig Price says Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was distracted but says the type of distraction is still under investigation. In the crash report, the highway patrolman on scene listed the contributing circumstances to the crash as “failure to keep in proper lane” and “distracted” but says to list distraction in the narrative of the report. The narrative only lists that Ravnsborn was distracted, but does not cite what the distraction was, only that the “specific distraction is still under investigation.”

Price discussed points in the crash report – Ravnsborg was driving alone in his 2011 Ford Taurus west bound on Highway 14, just west of Highmore. He says evidence indicates Boever was walking on the north shoulder, in an unknown direction, carrying a light. While Ravnsborg was distracted and traveling west, the report says he entered the north shoulder and struck and killed Boever.

Price says the investigation is still on-going and information continues to be passed along to the Hyde County States Attorneys Office where the determination will be made to file charges or not. State’s Attorneys from Pennington, Minnehaha, and Beadle County are also assisting in the investigation.

Final autopsy reports from the Ramsey County coroner’s office in Minnesota, toxicology reports and forensic examinations are still pending.

The SD Department of Public Safety also released the photo of Ravnsborg’s vehicle. Price clarified that the condition and location of the car in the photo is not the same as at the time of the crash. The photo was taken Sept. 15 after the car had been processed for evidence.

Ravnsborg Car

When asked if Ravnsborg will be resigning, Governor Kristi Noem says she is refraining “from expressing her opinion until the crash is complete and the State’s Attorney makes a decision if charges, if any will be filed.”

In an update last month, officials released the 911 call made by Ravnsborg in the initial call made Sept. 12.  Price says the timeline moving forward depends on the other aspects still under investigation.

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