Officials asking public to use caution on muddy roads and trails

A muddy road, reminding users that roads and trails in the Black Hills will remain unusable until Spring moisture dries

CUSTER, S.D. — National Forest officials are reminding drivers and hikers that many roads and trails may not be usable until this year’s spring moisture dries.

Spring moisture and warmer temperatures have combined to make many National Forest roads and trails wet, soft and impassable. Users should use caution when traveling on wet and soft roads as they can become stranded and cause damage to the roads and trails.

“Gravel roads can easily become rutted and damaged as a result of traffic on wet and soft spots,” said Scott Jacobson, Black Hills National Forest Public Affairs Officer. “When rutting is observed on a road, use of that road should be discontinued until it dries out or is repaired.”

Activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding and four-wheeling negatively impacts roads, trails, and the landscape at large. Even if a trail is open, users are urged to wait to use it if it is wet and muddy.

Officials also remind users that seasonal roads and trails remain closed until May 15, conditions permitting.

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