Officers on Ellsworth AFB organize couples support group

ELLSWORTH, S.D. – Two officers at Ellsworth Air Force Base are re-introducing a couples support group for fellow military members.

Peter and Monika Johncour are organizing a military-to-military support group – a relationship forum for couples where both spouses are military members.

The group helps guide partners through challenges unique to them – some couples struggle with being deployed at opposite times, while others find it difficult to balance work and civilian life while their significant other is away.

The Johncours say talking out issues helps partners work through the problems – and may help others realize their own struggles.

Lt. Col. Peter Johncour, 28th bomb wing said, “it’s pretty common in the meetings for the couples to look at each other as the topic is discussed – they’ll look at each other like ‘hey, we’re having problems with that same thing. Maybe we need to go talk to some of those guys.'”

Airman 1st Class Bridget Lash, says, “It definitely happens. Just recently, he was gone for two weeks, he’s back for two weeks and then he’s leaving again for two weeks, so just adjusting to having him here, having him not here.”

The group accepts couples of all ranks, military branches, and service levels.



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