Officer reminds public not to drink and drive this NYE

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Another reminder from local law enforcement not to drink and drive with the New Year’s Eve celebrations this evening.

Officers will be out on patrol — taking extra steps to protect those in Rapid City.

Also a reminder that there are numerous consequences to getting behind the wheel drunk.

“So once a DUI investigation is completed and it is decided that you are to be placed under arrest for a DUI, your vehicle will be towed and there are fines assessed to that,” said Officer Carlee Harris. “It could be impounded and there are additional fines for that. You will be transported to the Pennington County and booked in, where you will spend time there and there are charges for that. You will face court fees as well.”

Instead, Lyft, taxis and even walking are smarter, safer options.

Law enforcement is always available to help those who feel they’ve had too much to drink.

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