NWS radar down for maintenance: storm reports important

The Radar will be down for repairs for two weeks while the outer dome is replaced


The National Weather Service Radar just outside New Underwood will be shut down for two weeks, starting Monday the 16th. The dome that protects the sensitive radar equipment took a beating from July 8th’s severe thunderstorm – enduring 80 MPH winds and tennis ball sized hail.


Clear damage to the NWS Rapid City New Underwood Radar

The National Weather Service wanted to wait until after the Rally was over – given the large amount of visitors to the Black Hills during that time.

Although radar is important – meteorologists have other ways to track day to day weather – including satellite, rain gauges and storm spotter reports. Through the next two weeks – storm reports will be more important to help relay critical weather information to the National Weather Service.

Remember, you can submit photos and storm reports to the Newscenter1 weather team by downloading the Nc1 Weather App

For Apple: nc1.tv/weatherapp-apple

These reports are quickly sent along to the National Weather Service – where they can take ground reports and properly warn residents down the line of upcoming severe weather.
Keep your eye to the sky! Storms are expected starting Wednesday through the weekend, and you can be a part of helping keep the community safe.
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