NWS adds new alert for destructive weather

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The National Weather Service is adding additional information to thunderstorm warnings when the storms are predicted to be destructive.

Beginning Aug. 1, a new Destructive Weather Warning will be added when storms meet certain criteria, like when a storm is predicted to have baseball size hail or larger accompanied by 80 mile per hour winds or higher.

The new warning will also be sent to all cell phone users within the vicinity of the warning.

The hope is that pushing the alert through cell phones will give people enough heads up to take action.

“This gives people another way of getting the warnings,” said NWS Meteorologist Susan Sanders. “And perhaps when they’re driving and don’t have another way, they’re not watching TV or at home with their weather radios they can still get those warning messages and take action and protect themselves from those storms”

Sanders says that best course of action when such a warning is issued is to take shelter in sturdy building away from windows.

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