Northgate Shopping Center to get face lift, new name

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Northgate Shopping Center on East North St. is looking to get a facelift and a new name. The 175,000 sq. ft. space that sits between North Cherry Ave. and Campbell St. will soon be renamed Dakota Market Square.

It will be similar to the current, mixed-use space but developers are planning more buildings and sprucing up the parking lot with some greenery.

“One of the big pieces from this project is to increase landscaping so even just those aesthetic pieces can really update properties and change the value for the neighborhood, showing that reinvestment back into an existing property,” said John Green, Department of Community Development, Planner 1 with Rapid City.

At the end of December, Sears announced the closings of 80 K-Mart stores across the country, including the location in Rapid City. Now that the business is scheduled to be out by March, what goes in its place? The decision comes down to the local development company that owns the lot, Dream Design.

“We’ve had some ideas and the initial is very conceptual so we know, some retail, some restaurants, coffee shops, maybe even some church use,” said Green. “That was in their original letter but that’s all subject to change.”

There’s still more hoops to jump through before we see the change, but it’s the direction the area is heading in.

“We’ve seen a lot of development on East North so, that entire corridor is a booming area for the city,” said Green.

Green says there’s still other phases of development to go through before even the building permit process.


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