Noem proposes $5 million for nursing home Medicaid in South Dakota

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Nursing homes in South Dakota are closing at alarming rates. Last year two in the state closed and another is expected to close this year. However, Governor Noem’s budget proposal shines a light of hope on these troubled facilities. 

In her first budget address, Noem brought a number of proposals to the table. For the year 2020 healthcare will be a significant priority.

With an over $50 million budget, she wants to allocate $5 million to nursing home Medicaid throughout South Dakota.

The state is home to plenty of retirees and veterans. Although that is the case, senior care facilities still struggle to make ends meet.

According to the South Dakota Association of Health Care Organizations, nursing homes have been closing because Medicaid does not cover the costs of care. The average Medicaid rate is $146 a day. The average daily cost of care is $181, which is just shy of affordable.

“It’s time we get this kind of attention and follow-up. It is critical to plan for the future. We need to make sure we can tell our staff and residents that we are going to be here, we’re going to be able to increase services, and be able to support staff,” said Westhills Senior Center CEO, Daryl Reinicke.

If this passes, funds will start going out as early as July.

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