7:05 AM UPDATE: All Travel Advisories Lifted: Tuesday Forecast Discussion & Road Conditions

Many roads are a sheet of ice this morning, with bitterly cold temperatures and low wind chills.



6:46 AM UPDATE: All Travel Advisories have been lifted for the Black Hills, icy and snow covered roads are still an issue this morning however – take it slow!



  • 9 inches of snow outside Central City! Thanks so much Barbara for sending this in – what are you all seeing out there?? Send in your pics to Nc1.tv/upload !

  • Accumulating snow has ended for most of the Black Hills this morning, and conditions look to remain dry throughout the next 48 hours
  • Temperatures hang around the single digits and teens for large portions of our area

  • With breezy Northerly winds this morning, wind chills will easily fall below zero.
  • Portions of the higher elevations and Northeastern Wyoming are seeing wind chills in the negative teens – make sure you are preparing for the conditions

  • No-Travel Advisories has been issued by SDDOT for I-90 from Tilford stretching to the Wyoming border
  • Travel is also discouraged in the higher elevations of Lawrence County due to icy and snow covered roads
  • Areas marked in Black and Red have advisories, while White and Pink indicate that roads are ice and snow covered in spots
  • Before we continue, I’ve published a few SDDOT cams from across the region showing our road conditions

  • Rapid City, I-90 West – Icy and Slick conditions persist this morning

  • Sturgis and I-90, No travel advised due to icy conditions

  • Deadwood – No Travel Advised due to Icy and snow covered roads

  • Fairburn, SD-79 – No advisories but icy spots do exist along this stretch of road

  • Oreville Campground, US-16 & SD 244 – no advisories but snow covered and icy roads exist

  • Temperatures will continue to be chilly over the next 48 hours, with our coldest temperatures expected early Wednesday morning
  • Temperatures will approach zero degrees in Rapid City, with higher elevations likely seeing negative temperatures before all is said and done

  • The good news is Halloween sees a little improvement temperature wise – getting back up to the mid 40s for highs
  • Could see a few snow showers in the Northern portions of our area thursday evening, towards Harding, Perkins and Butte County, we’ll keep an eye on that.


I can confirm that some streets in Rapid City are a solid sheet of ice, and taking it slow isn’t a suggestion – you WILL slide if you go too fast this morning. Respect the road conditions remember that snow covered roads may have a sheet of ice right underneath them. Also, as though even even has to be said, bundle up. We’re in the negative wind chills this morning and breezy conditions are looking to continue throughout the morning. We will update road conditions throughout the morning and let you know when advisories have been lifted for travel in the Northern Hills and along I-90. Wear the really fluffy wool socks today and puffy coat – today is all about staying warm and being smart in adverse conditions! Be safe out there, and as always thanks for trusting us with your forecast – Brant

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