NewsCenter1’s Blitz Touchdown Throw-Down

NewsCenter1 is kicking off a Pickem’ contest like you’ve never experienced before! Get ready to gather on the gridiron and celebrate your victories with our BLITZ Touchdown Throw-Down bracket challenge.

The first step is to set up your account…go ahead, set it up we will wait.

All set-up? Ok, great! Let’s move on to how to Pickem’.

How to Chose YOUR Champ:

  1. BE PROACTIVE– Go for it, you already know who is the winning team in each NFL game this season. So, make your move and select the victors for the entire season.
  2. BE AGILE– You are smart my friend. You chose to analyze each teams performance, calculate the trajectory of each pass, and select which team is going to win weekly.
  3. BE A PROCRASTINATOR– That’s right! NewsCenter1 has designed a contest specifically for you. You know who you are… waiting until the last minute and can’t make a decision unless under the proverbial gun.  Go ahead and take your time. Just make sure to send your hail-mary pick through no later than 15 minutes prior to each games kick-off.