NewsCenter1 renews Meteorologist Brant Beckman’s contract

RAPID CITY, S.D. — KNBN NewsCenter1 is proud to announce that Meteorologist Brant Beckman has formally renewed his contract, and will be committed to providing the Black Hills region with reliable weather forecasting for the foreseeable future.

“I could not have dreamed I would be doing this 4 years ago,” said Beckman on his Facebook page, “Working at an AC & heating company – I didn’t think I could provide value to anyone through my love of meteorology. I started over – moved far from home. Studied concepts I thought I could never understand. Through unbelievable support from family and friends, I made it… To be told by so many that my passion provides value is so, so overwhelming. You have all humbled me. Truly. I am lucky to do what I do and to have YOU as an audience. I’m just a kid who loves weather.”



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