NewsCenter1 hosts 19th annual National Guard Picnic

RAPID CITY, S.D. — NewsCenter1 will be holding its annual National Guard Picnic on Wednesday.

The picnic takes place every year as a celebratory gathering for military members that have been participating in the Golden Coyote training exercises.

Golden Coyote training exercise. Photo courtesy of the South Dakota National Guard

National Guard members from around the globe gather in the Hills for the exercises every summer.

This year the Golden Coyote went from June 8 through the 22, with over 2,700 service members participating, including units from Denmark and Canada.

The exercises include both tactical combat training and humanitarian projects — such as transporting timber to Native American communities, conducting building repairs, resurfacing local roads and making wilderness areas more safe for the public use.

Photo Courtesy of the South Dakota National Guard

NewsCenter1 hosts the picnic to show support and appreciation for those who serve. This is the 19th year the event has been held.


“Every year it is an honor for us to be able to serve the men and women of the National Guard,” said Anna Whetham, a general sales manager at NC1. “We at NewsCenter1 feel it is the least we can do for the members and their families who sacrifice so much for us.”

Each year the picnic features food, drinks and live music. Service members and their families say it’s developed into a tradition — and a moment to enjoy each other’s companionship before many travel back to their home states and countries.

According 1st Lt. Sam Otto, “The KNBN Military Appreciation picnic is a great opportunity to recognize the dedication and sacrifices Soldiers have made and continue to make on a daily basis. Soldiers coming back from the field after two weeks of training enjoy the relaxation and camradery before returning home.”

NewsCenter1 will bring you updates on the picnic throughout the day. You can join us as we broadcast live from the event during the evening newscast beginning at 5:30 p.m.


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