Sophia Beatty

RAPID CITY, S.D. — When Sophia Beatty’s father died just a few years ago, her college program in veterinarian technology was coming to an end.

“So I was just up in the air. And I was like, okay, there’s just too much going, what should I do,” she said. “But I thought music was a great escape again, so it was reintroduced in my life and then I felt like my dad would have really liked that. He would have really liked me to go for something like this.”

Sophia’s dad was pro-college as a career choice, but someone she knew said that he would have wanted her to pursue music.

Now, 23-years-old, Sophia Beatty performs regularly Friday and Saturday nights at the Tinder Box in Rapid City.

When she first started she wasn’t even able to perform by herself as she was 20-years-old. Sophia also didn’t know if music was even something she was interested in, professionally.

“At the time I really didn’t take it to seriously. I just wanted to play music and stuff like that while I was going to college.”

Sophia sees music as a form of therapy for her audience, and herself. Music in her eyes can help anyone through any of life’s situations.

“As I started to see how it affected people, how many people were touched by my music,” she said. “Because I honestly thought I had to be a doctor or a veterinarian or something like that in order to help people, but I realized I could do the same thing through music.”

While also singing in local venues, Sophia works on her own original songs and beats. Though she isn’t sure whether or not performing and singing is something she’ll pursue in the future, she remains open to the idea.

“I’m just kind of leaving it up to God at this point,” she said. “And now he’s put me on this musical journey. And now it’s going super well and making a lot of progress and really working on my craft. So I hope that I’m still doing music, but it’s up in the air.”

Here you can view Sophia Beatty’s professional website.