Newest resident added to City of Presidents

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The city of presidents has a new resident on the corner of 4th and St. Joseph Streets. The statue of President Barack Obama and his daughter Sasha was placed on the street corner Monday morning.

Tourists were posing with the new statue almost instantly.

The statue, by local artist James Van Nuys, was unveiled at the Elks Theatre Saturday. Hundreds of people showed up to get a first glimpse of the statue and show support for the organizations that made it possible.

The statue features President Obama’s signature wave with his youngest daughter holding his hand. The image is inspired by an iconic moment from the 44th president’s first inauguration.

“I did like the photo that I saw of Obama walking onto stage in his first inaugural with his daughter and I thought it was just a nice feel good kind of piece,” said Van Nuys.

Now 43 street corners throughout Rapid City feature a president; a task that has taken two decades to accomplish. Don Perdue founded the project and has seen the culture of Rapid City grow in the meantime.

“That’s what I’m very, very proud of,” said Perdue. “We pulled it off and the public is to enjoy it without worrying about paying for it.”

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