Newell students focus on building positive, healthy futures

NEWELL, S.D. — Tuesday was the last day of school before winter break for students in Newell, and they spent it learning valuable life lessons.

“Everything is kind of around knowing what you should prevent, so don’t start with tobacco or drugs,” says Sabrina Harmon, director of the Whatever It Takes Coalition.

Thumbnail Img 8883The South Dakota National Guard, Butte County Sheriff’s Department, and South Dakota Highway Patrol joining forces with the Western Prevention Resource Center and South Dakota State University’s Extension Office to take part in the 10th annual Leadership Day at Newell Schools.

Brought together by the Whatever It Takes Coalition, presenters had a chance to sit down with students and talk directly about drugs, alcohol – and attitude.

“This is really the one time where we can reach out to kids, and I can’t tell you how many times over my 10-year career I’ve had kids come over and reach out just because they’ve seen us in these events; they might [even] see us in public and reach out,” says Cassie Wendt, Butte County State’s Attorney. “So if we can help just one or two or educate them – that’s really the goal.”

And it wasn’t just another drug and alcohol lesson, students were challenged with speakers and tasks designed to teach them about the power of positive thinking.

Trinity Henry, a senior at Newell High School, says, “I’d have to say my favorite speech today I think would be the mindset speech by Michelle May. She showed that you have a very, very important in playing to figure out whether you’re going to have a positive day or a bad day.”

The Whatever It Takes Coalition doing just that – whatever it takes – to intervene as young as possible to put our nation’s future on the right path.

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