New year, new me! Here are some tips to achieving fitness resolutions for 2023

Exercise Resolution3RAPID CITY, S.D. – As people ring in the new year, making a resolution is something that people often do.

Some make goals to travel more, cut back on their spending, decrease screen time or even establish routines to take care of their mental health. One very common New Year’s resolution, however, is exercise and fitness goals for 2023. Whether you want to lose weight or gain strength, here are some tips for you to succeed in achieving your 2023 fitness resolution.

Here’s a few things to know about fitness resolutions.

Increase of people at gyms

With resolutions like weight loss, exercising more or even just being healthier, a number of people will pay for gym memberships and go at the beginning of the year.

“We love seeing new members. It’s very much a community. We embrace everybody. We like to encourage everybody and to be a family to help each other with their fitness journey,” Holly Walton, level one CrossFit coach of Black Hills CrossFit, said.

But if you’re nervous about the amount of people that could be there, you can take short walks, try out yoga, or watch exercise videos on YouTube.

Try taking small steps for New Year’s resolutions

“I always tell people, don’t try to do everything at once. You know, don’t start a new diet, give up drinking and start a new exercise routine all at once. Try to take baby steps, set yourself small goals, but actual goals,” Walton said. “Don’t just say, ‘I’m going to start working out this year.’ Say ‘I’m going to commit myself to working out to walking three days a week.'”

Start with a simple workout plan that you feel like you can accomplish on a daily and weekly basis (and it doesn’t have to be every day).

Once you’ve been doing that comfortably and you feel like you’d like to continue by adding something else, then you can start changing your diet.

Or you can start with the diet and add exercising a little later.

“Once you conquer those smaller goals, you can set larger goals for yourself,” Walton said.

Photos of a Black Hills CrossFit class:

Find support

Finding a group of people like Black Hills CrossFit, or even just a friend to work out with can help motivate one another.

“Fitness across the board, mentally, physically, it does so much for you. Within the CrossFit community, it’s being part of a community and part of the family.”

Don’t give up

Just because you have a rough day when you don’t do as much as others, that’s fine especially if you still decided to go on a walk.

Or you could’ve completely missed a day that you were planning on working out on, that’s alright. It might be a set back but that doesn’t mean you have to throw out your resolutions or goals.

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep a goal or even set one, especially if people have dropped their resolutions in previous years, but remember to take small steps that add up to something bigger and to also believe in yourself even on more difficult days.

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