New war monument coming to Rapid City

Black Hills Veterans MemorialRAPID CITY, S.D. – Next year, Rapid City’s Memorial Park could have a new feature, honoring Black Hills men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for country.

30 years ago, while serving at Ellsworth, Edward Manzano helped establish and create the Black Hills Veterans Memorial at Memorial Park. Now a resident of Rapid City, Manzano is working on the Black Hills War Monument, honoring those killed in combat.

The monument would consist of granite walls inscribed with the names of the fallen heroes from over ten counties.

Manzano was recently at the December 6 City Council meeting pitching his proposal. He’s waiting on approval from the Parks Department before continuing further.

“There’s a tremendous military legacy and history here, and so the opportunity to come back and update the monument – the monument ends at Desert Storm, so the opportunity to include the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the Cold War, and put the names of POW’s, MIA’s in the Black Hills is a great honor.”

Manzano hopes that the memorial will not be something just for residents, but for all who visit it.

“This isn’t just for the citizens of Rapid City nor the Black Hills; there’s going to be veterans visiting Rapid City from all across the United States, I would even say all across the world, that are going to pass through here, and we want it to look as beautiful as it can in order to honor those veterans…[so] that it’s a well-maintained veterans monument site.”

For more information on the proposed monument and association working to bring it to Rapid City, click here.

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