New self-serve dog wash opens in Spearfish

SPEARFISH, S.D. — The Black Hills are going to the dogs.

A new business in Spearfish has a neat solution for dog owners when it comes to cleaning your canine.

On May 1, Chris and Tylea Bergman opened the Scooptown Carwash.  It was named for the Sturgis Scoopers, and would not be complete without the school colors.

The self-serve dog wash has been a great alternative to traditional pet washing and grooming, and the model has also moved to Spearfish.  The Salty Dog Wash opened in June, and like Scooptown, is run laundromat style; coin, cash and card operated, as well as timed.

“I mean I saw it put in, I’ve never been in here, but it’s cool,” said Luke Gainey, a customer of the new Spearfish business. “I mean I’m glad I came in. She likes playing in the mud, so I mean maybe after those days where I don’t have to mess up my own house, this would be a perfect option.”

Both facilities have done very well, and have not experienced any setbacks due to COVID-19. As word spreads, both Scooptown and The Salty dog have seen increased business each and every week.

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