New SDSU veterinarian program designed to promote rural care, lower tuition

BROOKINGS, S.D. — Less than two percent of practicing veterinarians work in rural communities and experts say there’s a severe shortage of care available for animals in these areas.

A large part of the issue is that working in rural regions isn’t as lucrative, and with the high cost of attending school, that’s a factor graduate students take seriously.

South Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota are teaming up to create a program that would lower tuition for vet students by about $100,000 and help students gain more rural practice.

The “2+2 program” would allow students to complete the first two years of their degree at SDSU, and finish the last two years at the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

According to SDSU, its first class of 20 students are set to begin the program in 2021.


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