New Rapid City clinic aims to empower the community

RAPID CITY, SD — Taking a step to combat the opioid crisis while empowering the community, Project Recovery aims to treat and prevent opioid, meth and alcohol addiction, and break the stigma surrounding this disease.

“A lot of people got addicted to narcotics through no nefarious actions of their own they had surgery, traumas cancer treatments,” said Dr Steven Tamang, M.D., founder of Project Recovery, “And those folks, many times, have tried many times to get off.”

Project Recovery looks to help everyone in the community.

Jo Pagel was a Rapid City teacher for three decades and recently graduated from the program.

“Prescription opioids are a problem and they’re nasty. They’re hard to get off of, and they’re not good for ya.” says Pagel.

Leaders say when we support everyone in the community, the economic impact can be massive.

Project Recovery has found a partner in economic development agency Elevate Rapid City.

“It’s a piece of the workforce that we leave behind,” says Jeff Haverly executive director of Rapid City Economic Development, “Because people paint a picture of an addict or a prescription problem and then those people aren’t engaged in the workforce,”

The clinic won’t just serve Rapid City.

Through webcams it will provide addiction treatment to people across the state.

“The numbers show that the large numbers of folks who come in and out of here do so much better from an economic standpoint,” continued Dr Tamang, “We hope we do dividends for them and the support they’ve done for us.”


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