New multi-agency office space in Spearfish to strengthen drug enforcement effort in the Northern Hills

SPEARFISH, S.D. — State and local law enforcement will be getting a new space in Spearfish, allowing them to bolster their coordinated drug enforcement efforts in the Northern Hills.

A portion of the basement of Spearfish City Hall will soon be converted into a office space for DCI drug agents and investigators from other law enforcement agencies. Having a centralized location for criminal investigations across the Northern Hills will make collaborating on crimes relating to the use, sale, distribution, and manufacture of illegal drugs much more effective.

Chief Curt Jacobs, Sturgis Police Department said, “The biggest part will be the collaboration between all the different agencies. Right now, Spearfish PD could be working something, but not have any idea what’s going on in Sturgis or Deadwood. And the connections that the person we are dealing with maybe has in these other communities. Now they will all be in one room discussing what they are working on and they will be able to make those connections”

South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigations, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Spearfish and Deadwood Police Departments are all a part of this multi-agency project. Other agencies will also use the location to help with investigations across the Northern Hills.

“We’ll be working, or they will be working with Butte County, Meade County, Lawrence County, they will reach up into Harding County, Perkins County. Of course information sharing is much much better then if we were all working individually,” said Jacobs.

The office space is not built yet, but renovation is set to start at the first of the year.

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