New LANDBACK campaign launches on Native American Day

Rapid City, S.D. — In celebration of Native American Day, a new campaign has officially launched. It’s called “LANDBACK.” Orchestrated by the NDN Collective, organizers say this movement has been centuries in the making.

“We’ve had an indian country policy where they’ve asked for our consultation and in the process of asking for our consultation, they’ve taken our land” said Nick Tilsen, President and CEO of NDN Collective. “It’s not just about the stealing of our land that happened a long time ago, it’s the things the injustices that are happening in communities right here now today,” he continued.

Tilsen says the campaign sets to build the collective power of the indigenous people reaching across the waters and uniting natives all around the globe.

“Right now ndn collective we work with over 200 indigenous communities spread out all the way from Mexico to Puerto Rico to Canada and indigenous communities because we don’t recognize the colonial borders that divide indigenous communities.

Director of the LANDBACK campaign Krystal Two Bulls says the campaign is not a frivolous ideology, but says “LANDBACK” is based on key demands.

“We’re saying no more. Like we are not asking for permission for anything. We’re demanding that closure of Mount Rushmore. We’re demanding that public lands be returned back and that has to be the starting point. We’re not negotiating. We’re starting at that point and then everything else can move from there” said Krystal Two Bulls.

Jasilyn Charger who is from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe says she came to stand in solidarity of the struggles of her people. She says carrying on the tradition into the next generation is her duty.

“I live 19 miles away from a man camp and so I see first and foremost what happens when we don’t protect the land and what can happen to our land and our water.

The campaign was initially introduced via social media in August.

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