New faces can be found among the familiar ones at the Sturgis Rally

Among the thousands that come to the rally, some may be visiting again while others might be new to the scene

STURGIS, S.D. – The Sturgis Rally sees many familiar faces with people visiting time and time again. While some might be used to the rush of the events, some new attendees might not be used to the heavy traffic and packed streets.

But for those new faces, many probably get to experience the Black Hills while they’re here and all they have to offer.

That’s the case for Jenny Fennigkoh of Cashton, Wisconsin, and Kari Monnahan of Sparta, Wisconsin.

“We wanted to come for a while. The roads are amazing. The hills, everything,” Fennigkoh said.

“The sightseeing and all the attractions are great here,” Monnahan added.

The two traveled by putting their bikes on a trailer and taking the long journey from Wisconsin.

Experiencing their first day of the rally Tuesday, the two were excited to start exploring and experiencing. They plan to experience one of the concerts Thursday night.

“We’re gonna do the loop,” Fennigkoh said. “The Spearfish loop.”

CrowdIn a group of four, they plan to enjoy attractions like Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Deadwood, the Mammoth Site and the list went on. Coming up during the rally allows people to experience Sturgis, while also giving many the opportunity to see more as they are traveling from places even further than Wisconsin.

People venture from Texas, Virginia, California and even come down from Canada.

If you want to experience the rally, join the number of new people. The city and the rally always welcomes new guests.

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