New Box Elder Event Center to be a “catalyst” for future growth, expansion

At over 53,000 square feet, the new event center will be located near the intersection of Cheyenne Boulevard and Elk Vale Road.

BOX ELDER, S.D. — A new community and event center is coming to the City of Box Elder.

At over 53,000 square feet, the new event center will be located near the intersection of Cheyenne Boulevard and Elk Vale Road. Construction costs are estimated at about $23 million.

The new center will hold over 3000 people, which is twelve times the size of the current event center, which holds about 250 people. The city hopes the multi-use facility will put Box Elder in the running for special events like concerts, conventions, sporting events.

“We think this is going to be an exciting draw from South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Nebraska and help make the City of Box Elder be a destination city for decades to come,” said Matthew Connor, the Public Information Officer for the City of Rapid City.

The specs of the new facility are as follows:

      • FACILITY OVERVIEW • 3 Multipurpose Areas • Area ‘A’ – 9,070 SqFt – 1296 Occupants
      • • Area ‘B’ – 6,585 SqFt – 941 Occupants
      • • Area ‘C’ = 6,585 SqFt – 941 Occupants
      • • Contiguous space of 22,240 SqFt – 3,178 Occupants
      • • 4 Meeting Rooms that can be converted into multipurpose rooms as they have expandable walls. • Meeting Room 1 is 860 SqFt – 58 Occupants
      • • Meeting Room 2 is 883 SqFt – 59 Occupants
      • • Meeting Room 3 is 883 SqFt – 59 Occupants
      • • Meeting Room 4 is 901 SqFt – 58 Occupants
      • • Contiguous Space of 3,527 SqFt – 234 Occupants
      • • State of the Art Kitchen – 1966 SqFt – First-class food and beverage capabilities.

The event center will be directly connected to the 174 room Courtyard by Marriot Hotel.

With the growth the city has seen and is expected to see, a new event center came as a direct need to service those coming into the area.

“With the transformation we are experiencing, there was a responsibility to increase the opportunity for entertainment and professional events in the city. The new Event Center provides a vital resource that will help transform Box Elder to a destination city for decades to come,” Conner said.

In the past five years, the city has seen an average of 10 percent growth per year. That number is expected to soar with the expansion of Ellsworth Air ForceBbase and the addition of thousands of military personnel.

“We think we’re going to be seeing an annual growth rate of 15% per year, so this event center is a perfect companion for that growth,” Connor said.

City leaders say there could be much more in store for the city, as it continues to grow, not just for commercial but residential opportunities.

While the new event center is exciting for the Box Elder, city officials say that its impact is really a symbol of potential growth and expansion that will occur in the area, sooner than many think.

“We think you’re going to see significant growth beyond the event center within two to three years, and that’ll carry on, probably during the next decade as it builds out towards Cheyenne Boulevard and down into the center area of a City of Box Elder,” Connor said.

As far as the lease agreement, Connor says that Atlantis LLC, through LIV Hospitality, will have a 30-year agreement for the administration, operation, and management of new event center. For the City, this removes the maintenance expenses and liability related to Event Center operations.

Completion for the event center is set for summer of 2023.

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