New bird abatement system at Ellsworth Air Force Base

A safe way to keep birds and other wildlife from coming into contact with the aircraft on base.

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. – The 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth Air Force Base is trying out its new bird abatement system this week.

They’re doing this in an effort to reduce flight hazards and danger to local wildlife. Testing of this new system began on Monday. Twenty-four units of this cannon system are being installed on or near the base.

This is something that all Air Force installations are using across the country to scare off any wildlife that could pose a danger on the flight line.

Flight Safety N.C.O. James McCurdy says it’s a scare tactic to drive birds away from the airfield and makes it a safer environment for the aircraft and for the birds themselves.

“We chose this system because we can operate one cannon, groups of cannons or the entire airfield at the same time. And when we are done with the wildlife, we can turn it off so it’s not a continuing nuisance.”

If you live on or near the base, don’t be alarmed if you hear something that sounds like a cannon. Officials with the base say that precautions will be taken to minimize the amount of noise this new system could cause to the community and nearby neighborhoods.

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