New biking experience coming to Lead ski resort

LEAD, S.D. – A real estate company is planning to revitalize an old ski resort in Lead. After purchasing the Deer Mountain Ski Resort last year, Keating Resources of Nebraska hopes to begin construction on a year-round mountain bike park.

Deer MountainKeating would utilize existing features such as ski lifts, while putting in new trails and other features.

CEO Gerard Keating expects to draw in thousands with attractions for skill levels of all ages, creating a nice economic boost for the area.

“We expect between 5,000 and 10,000 bikers per year to be on the venue,” Keating stated. “So the impact to the Black Hills region will be in the millions.”

The plan is to begin construction on the new park this summer with the design by Pete Costain, who is based out of Montana.

“The ski resort, which had provided such good memories, had been shuttered for five years,” Keating said. “And we’ve brought it back to life. The roads are roughed in, the 200 lots provide spectacular mountain views, and the mountain biking’s going to be a really cool, fun venue.”

The new mountain biking venue is scheduled to open July 4, 2023.

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