New Assistant Police Chief gets sworn in for the Sturgis Police Department

STURGIS, S.D. — A longtime member of the Spearfish Police is now the Assistant Chief in Sturgis.

Darin Pedneau was on the Spearfish force for 26 years. He’s been recognized for his efforts in changing laws governing synthetic drugs, and has also been recognized by federal agencies for his work against the synthetic drug industry.

Assistant Chief of Police, Darin Pedneau said, “I would like to see a stronger community presence, community policing, getting the guys out there and letting the community know who they are. I mean I didn’t come here to change the department, but I came here with the knowledge I have to improve the department. And if that helps improve the relations between the department and the community, that’s great, that’s what I want to do.”

Pedneau’s final post in Spearfish was a Detective Sergeant over the Investigations Unit.

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