New 3-in-1 therapy for kids


RAPID CITY, S.D. — Every parent wants to equip their child with all the tools they need to succeed and grow with their peers. Every child develops differently, even in the same family, but it does not hurt to lend a helping hand to guide them. In Rapid City a new program has been helping children overcome early obstacles.

Just over a year ago Sundog Rehabilitation began developing its pediatric busyBODY program. Bonnie Kohl, DPT, says that the program has grown from just physical therapy to include occupational therapy and speech therapy for an all-in-one multidisciplinary therapy program.

“It started with just me as the physical therapist,” Kohl says, “and I’ve been able to see how the kids would benefit from the other two disciplines and we’ve been able to grow and expand to help over 20 families.”

When a family has concerns that their child is not meeting the same milestones as other children of the same age, the busyBODY program can help identify any speedbumps that a child may have, and work to address concerns that relate to motor function, sensory feedback, social encounters, and speech development.

Kohl says that the program is meant to help any family that thinks their child could benefit from a helping hand. “I encourage parents to come in the minute that gut instinct is questioning if their child’s development is typical. Even if it is just an evaluation, it is good to check.”

The busyBODY team and Sundog addresses only one therapy discipline at a time, depending on the needs of the child or the concerns of the parent. “We make an assessment after working with the child,” Kohl says, “and look at our checklist of what we would expect a child of their age range to be able to do like jump or run.”

From the first discussion and assessment Kohl will be able to recommend to parents if other therapists in the team should be brought on. And for children who are already receiving services from school, busyBODY acts as the perfect addition.

“Through an outpatient clinic like Sundog,” Kohl says, “they are able to focus on different goals. In school their focus needs to be on curriculum and how they can improve their abilities in school, which is very beneficial, and with our focus help the family beyond the school-based programs.”

Kohl says that Sundog acts as just one part of the village that works together to help a child succeed. By working with the family pediatrician, trusted chiropractors, even psychiatrists and psychologists, Kohl says that the collaboration is key in the program’s success.

You can learn more about the busyBODY program and many other therapeutic options offered at Sundog Rehabilitation by calling 605-787-2719 or visiting them online at

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