Nemo 500 Outhouse Races

NEMO, S.D. — Nearly 2.000 people came out to support the Naja Shriner’s in their 14th annual Nemo 500 Outhouse Races.

The Naja Shriner’s are a branch of Masons who’s mission it is to support children in need of specialized health care. The races this weekend raised funds for their children’s transportation fund, so children have access to the care needed. Children like Marshall Adkins, who was born without a leg.

Adkins says, “It feels really good to be a part of the Shriner’s and have them help me with my leg.”

Red Alspaw, the Outhouse Governor also spoke of the Shriner’s contributions to children and how funds raised would be used. 

“We’ve got three vehicles that are on the road quite often, we put a lot of miles on them. Making sure our kids get to their appointments. And we’ve got over 100 kids in West River South Dakota that we use fly miles with, we have to take them to further away places than it is comfortable to drive them to.”

Nineteen teams participated by riding self made outhouses with creative names and slogans such as “methane, we’re on it.” Along with the races, there were also opportunities for kids to get involved with the shovel races. Kids took turns dragging shovels with their friends riding behind in the melting slush. The event was free, but raised money with a chili cook off. Local Shriner Don Stover has participated the last three years and says,

“This is an integral part of our fundraiser for the outhouse races. So, I enjoy being a part of it and trying to organize it for the shrine.”

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