Nebraska man arrested after hundreds of cattle found dead on his property

EXETER, NEB. — A Nebraska man has been arrested after hundreds of cattle were found dead on his Fillmore County property this month.

Aaron Ogren, 30, was arrested last Tuesday after investigators found over 200 dead cattle and one dead horse on his feedlot.

More than 200 additional cattle were found in questionable to poor condition.

Ogren is being charged with one count of theft, two counts of prohibited sale of livestock and 26 counts of cruelty to animals.

The surviving cattle were transported to a nearby farm for care.

This is not the first time Ogren has been connected to livestock neglect. The feedlot, which is also owned by Eva Turbiville, has been involved in two other incidents.

In 2018 a South Dakota man sued the feedlot owners after he left 300 cattle in their care and found 76 calves and 7 cows missing, along with many others that were malnourished.

The South Dakota man was awarded nearly $300,000 in the lawsuit.

In a different case, the feedlot owners were ordered to pay $160,000 to an Idaho woman who found malnourished and missing cattle after she entrusted them in the feedlot’s care from February 2017 to July 2018.


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