NDN Collective head charged in Keystone protest

The head of the NDN Collective has been charged in the protest near Keystone during President Trump’s visit and makes a court appearance by way of Zoom.

Nicolas Tilsen was given the virtual accommodation for his motions hearing on the condition the proceedings would not be recorded by any of the parties.

Tilsen faces a slew of charges including second-degree robbery, simple assault against law enforcement, impeding highway traffic, unlawful assembly and disorderly conduct.

All of the charges stem from the protest near Keystone before the president’s arrival that evening at Mount Rushmore.

Tilsen’s lawyers requested on Friday additional clarification on the charges he faces.

The judge said no, ruling they were unnecessary. But the judge did agree with the defense that the protest should not be characterized as anti-Trump, but rather as a land back protest.

Tilsen’s next court appearance is scheduled for March.

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