Top Performers: Emily Siemonsma and Holly Peckosh

HILL CITY, S.D. – The Hill City Rangers volleyball team has been making tremendous strides over the past few years.

In fact, due to the leadership and play by the teams only two seniors, the Rangers have become one of the top Class ‘A’ volleyball teams in the state.

Lindsy Wathen is coaching a Hill City volleyball team that enters the late stages of the season with a 27-3 record.

“This is a group that started playing travel basketball when they were in second and third grade together,” Hill City volleyball coach Lindsy Wathen said. “So I think just having that camaraderie and really knowing each other, being siblings and being very very close friends, just really helps to bond us and keep us connected on the court.”

A large part of the Rangers’ success is due to the play of seniors Emily Siemonsma and Holly Peckosh.

Holly currently leads the team in blocks with 99 and is second in kills with 163.

Meanwhile, Emily has 96 blocks this season, along with 112 kills.

But both players are quick to credit their teammates for their success.

“I think a lot of the younger players again, they don’t need us seniors to be the ones that step up,” Hill City senior Emily Siemonsma said. “We do step up and they step up with us and for us and they’ve all worked really hard. I think it’s the team aspect that’s really helped us win.”

“I think from the get-go during the summer, we were in the gym three times a week working out and lifting,” Hill City senior Holly Peckosh said. “So we’ve gotten stronger.”

Emily and Holly both started playing volleyball at a young age.

But it’s their leadership and commitment in the classroom that really stand out.

“I think Emily and Holly really want to leave a legacy with this program,” Lindsy Wathen said. “They have younger sisters that will be coming up and they have very close friends. So they’re really trying to model the behavior they want to see this program continue and a high level of success.”

Hill City has never won a state volleyball title.

As a matter of fact, Hill City has never even qualified for the state volleyball tournament.

But Emily and Holly hope to change that this year.

“Our goals are to get to the Sweet 16 and then hopefully to state,” Peckosh said. “That’s our main goal. I think we’ve all been pretty positive and confident in our skills.”

“It would mean a lot. It would be a lot of fun,” Siemonsma said. “I think it would show how hard we worked and how much pressure was put on us to really be there and how we really pushed through all that. It would be really fun.”

Congratulations to Holly Peckosh and Emily Siemonsma for being named NewsCenter 1 Top Performers.

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