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RAPID CITY S.D. – With Covid-19 making its way through the community, it is more important now than ever to make sure that your immune system is in top shape. Dr. Robert Kuyper of Alternative Health Care Center of the Black Hills has some advice on a few natural ways you can make sure your immune system is at its best during the pandemic. “For general immune support, make sure you get rest, get your 10,000 steps in a day, and drink lots of water,” says Dr. Kuyper.

One way you can boost your immune system is by getting enough sleep. Studies have found that those who sleep less are most susceptible to illness. Sleep allows for the body to heal itself and helps the immune system fight off sickness, that is why we sleep more when we are sick. The CDC recommends that an adult get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

Another way to boost your immune system is to exercise regularly. Regular exercise boosts blood flow which distributes white blood cells throughout the body. White blood cells are used by the body to combat illness. When you exercise, the body produces more of these virus-fighting cells. “With gyms closed, we are not exercising. It’s important for us to go out and get moving. Just doing a simple 10,000 steps a day will help boost your immune system,” says Dr. Kuyper.

Drinking water is vital for a healthy immune system. Not only can water flush away harmful toxins from your body, but water is important for overall health. When your body is healthy, it has an easier time fighting off pathogens. Water carries oxygen to your body cells which helps them function properly to eliminate unwanted toxins and bacteria.

In addition, Dr. Robert Kuyper suggests that we get in our vitamin D. “What we have noticed when people come here to get checked is that 70% of patients are low on vitamin D,” says Dr. Kuyper. Unlike our counter parts in the Southern hemisphere, here in the northern hemisphere, it can be difficult to get enough sunlight. Especially now when we have all been quarantined in our homes, many of us are probably even more deficient in the vitamin. According to Dr. Kuyper, “Vitamin D is a very basic one that people take for granted. I would recommend taking at least 1000 IUs a day unless you have had a blood test done to confirm that you should take more.”

A service Dr. Robert Kuyper provides that not all chiropractors offer, is blood testing. Dr. Kuyper is a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) and a DABCI (Diplomatic American Board of Chiropractic Internists). This allows him to do lab testing to see what his patients are lacking. Having a proper blood test done ensures that you get the vitamins you need without over doing it on the ones you have enough of. Supplements provide a boost to areas of weakness. If you are not deficient in a nutrient, you probably will not see much benefit out of using a supplement.

“If someone wants to check their immune system, I run basic and advanced blood panels. When I get those results back, I base my advice off that information. Having a proper evaluation helps determine an individual’s nutritional needs,” says Dr. Kuyper.

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