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RAPID CITY, S.D. — Healthcare has been in the spotlight the last year, with many looking to improve their personal health and wellbeing. Whether you are experiencing back pain, fatigue, digestive issues, or depression, finding the right provider can be a challenge.

The staff at Alternative Health Care Center of the Black Hills brings an integrative approach to healthcare, providing a variety of services that promote a healthy lifestyle. “Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through the five components of health – proper nutrition, spinal health, emotional health, detoxification and physical fitness,” says Dr. Robert Kuyper, chiropractor at the Alternative Health Care Center of the Black Hills. “We’re the natural choice for health care.” Services offered include chiropractic care, labs, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, mental health counseling and more.

Alternative Health Care is shifting the focus from corrective medication to preventative healthcare. “If you look at the top killers in America,” Dr. Kuyper says, “heart disease, diabetes and cancer, the CDC says that 80% of those diseases are lifestyle driven from poor nutrition, poor exercise, too much smoking and alcohol.” Finding the right balance in the five components of health gives patients a better understanding of their health.

Practitioners at Alternative Health Care provide education to the community through their Wellness Nights every first and third Tuesday of the month. Once a month the staff provides general education on the five components of health, introducing natural healthcare and explaining the services offered at the clinic. For the other Wellness Night, they will discuss a specific topic such as hearth health, allergies, or thyroid health.

“Our staff is trained to put you with who can best help you,” Dr. Kuyper says. “When a new patient comes in, we make sure to give them information on all the services and specialties we offer.” Whether a patient is looking for help to address their fatigue, back pain or digestive issues, the providers at Alternative Health Care will order bloodwork, examine hormone levels, food sensitivities, and perform imaging to determine the best course of care.

By performing a well-rounded examination, the staff at Alternative Health Care can identify conditions in patients that require the attention of other area specialists. Their connections to providers in the area ensure that patients will be quickly referred to another doctor if another specialist such as a cardiologist or gastroenterologist is required.

The healthcare providers at the Alternative Health Care Center are passionate about equipping patients with the tools their body needs to heal and thrive. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 605.341.4850 or visit the Alternative Health Care Center of the Black Hills website.

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