National Police Week honors sacrifices made in the line of duty

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The tradition of National Police Week has carried on since October 1, 1962.

President John F. Kennedy issued the proclamation that we recognize law enforcement on May 15 and during the week of May 15.

National Police Week 4

The week is meant for us to come together and recognize the sacrifice that our peace officers have given – including their lives – in the line of duty.

Rapid City Police say the week serves as a great reminder for a strong community that it supports.

“We are extremely fortunate to go to work for an extremely supportive community everyday and throughout the year we have organizations that are willing to step up, partner with us shows us their appreciation, and that really comes forward, you know, to the next level during police week,” said RCPD Public Information Officer Brendyn Medina.

As part of the annual police week, a memorial service was held in Pierre. Sergeant Chris Hunt and Senior Officer Rich Holt of the RCPD represented the force.

Members of the honor guard for the ceremony include members of RCPD, those that understand the significance of carrying on their fallen officer’s legacies.

“I think everyone one of us take that honor with us with pride knowing that we are continuing to push that forward, that never forgetting type aspect for these officers,” said Sgt. Chris Hunt.

Local businesses like the physical therapy center gave back – donating 300 shaker bottles and cookies to voice their appreciation for the officers in addition to taking pride in providing physical health care for those behind the badge.

“To be able to come and represent a business that takes good care of our officers too for their physical therapy needs and all of that, it’s just really amazing to be able to come and relate to them on both a business and personal level for me,” said Nicole Gust, Marketing Director, Physical Therapy Center.

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