National Parks launch Every Kid In a Park Program

 A new, one of a kind program launched by President Obama will excite 4th graders across the nation. As of September 1st, children who are in 4th grade will be able to explore any federal recreation area, including National Parks, for free through the Every Kid in a Park Program.  

Children can go online to, complete a few tasks, and download their voucher. When they bring their voucher to a national park, it will be exchanged for a permanent card that is reusable at the national parks until the August 31st following their 4th grade school year. The sky is the limit!
Why 4th graders only? “It’s at a time when they are most open to learning about natural systems and learning about culture, and they’re excited about all of those things. so fourth grade is the ideal age to get them out and learning," says Maureen McGee-Ballinger, the Chief of Interpretation and Education at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
The initiative will provide fun and valuable learning experiences. “President Obama wanted to do this, wanted to get every kid outside, to get them healthier, to get them connected with their environment, this is their country, they should know it. When you’re talking about national parks, you’re talking about United States history, culture, natural resources”
With the program in place, every child moving through the fourth grade will have a chance to take advantage of the national parks for years to come. The program is set in hopes that all children of future generations will appreciate the protected lands of our country. “When they learn, they become stewards, and they grow up to be adults who protect those areas"
Children can attend any of the 2,000 federal recreation areas with their families, and educators can participate with their students through field trips — the rules of admission unique to each park.
Erica Horvatin, NewsCenter1.