National Guard, Emergency Management conduct hazardous materials exercise

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Some vacant property in downtown Rapid City is being put to some good use.

The old Lamplighter Motel on Saint Joseph Street was used Tuesday for National Guard and Pennington County Emergency Management training.

Passersby may have noticed an up-tick in activity in the area, with multiple government vehicles and guardsmen in hazmat suits.

No worries, however, it was just members of the Guard’s 82nd Support Team conducting a hazardous materials exercise.

Emergency Management Director Dustin Willett says utilizing properties such as the Lamplighter are ideal sites for this type of training.

“The ability to have a venue that more closely approximates what we see in the field really really helps with one building those skill sets and two building some realism into the training scenarios,” Willett said.

It’s possible the old hotel will be active again later in the week.

The site has been reserved to resume training on Thursday if necessary.

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