National Dog Bite Awareness Week

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Did you know that more that 58 hundred postal workers were attacked by dogs last year?

This week is “National Dog Bite Awareness Week” letting us know just how often on mail carriers are attacked.

17 of last years attacks happened in South Dakota.

Postal workers are instructed not to pet or interact with dogs they see on their routes, just to avoid the potential risk.

“Petting no, reaching out you can kind of tell with a dog, I am a dog person.” Said Chris Sabrowski a City Carrier for the United States Postal Service.”We have a lot of people at the post office that are, and we can just see generally if a dog is friendly or not but we still don’t play that roulette I guess you could say. We pass customers and the big myth through everybody is don’t worry my dog will never bite but we can’t just play it by words we gotta play it by actions and what we feel is comfortable.”

In 2019 4 postal workers in Rapid City were attacked by dogs.

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